Lego Wailing Wall and Butterflies: A Lenten Prayer Experience

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is a special place where people come to pray and leave their prayers in the cracks of the stone wall.wailing wall.bevmoore

Wailing WallAs Faith UMC’s Wednesday Night Faith Connection Kids learned about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, they created a wailing wall from Legos for Lent.

Throughout Lent everyone who came to Faith UMC could write prayers on special paper and place them in the cracks of the Lego Wailing Wall. Just as the written prayers placed in the wall in Jerusalem are treated in a special way, it was important that the Lego wailing wall prayers were also tenderly and lovingly cared for.The prayers would be folded into a symbol of Easter.

Wailing Wall PhotoFaith’s children chose a butterfly. A butterfly is a symbol of Easter because it begins life as a caterpillar and changes into a chrysalis where it appears to be dead. An amazing change or transformation is actually happening inside the chrysalis and out of the chrysalis comes a beautiful butterfly! The prayers of our congregation folded into butterflies would be a visual reminder of how our prayers are transformed by God’s love.

butterflies.lent2014All the butterflies in our worship service on Easter morning were made from the Lego Wailing wall prayers. Isn’t that a beautiful way to celebrate Easter?

Butterflies.EasterSunday.Faith UMC

As people arrived for worship, they were mesmerized by the beauty of the butterfly prayers flying over our heads as we gathered to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection.
Butterflies.Easter.FUMC2 Isn’t this a beautiful reminder of how we, like a butterfly, are all made new in Jesus?


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