Chalking the Door~An Epiphany Blessing


I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

Epiphany StarEpiphany of the Lord, celebrated on January 6th, is the climax of the Advent and Christmas season. The term Epiphany means “to show” or “to make known” or even “to reveal.” In Western churches, Epiphany Day has marked the observance of the coming of the wise men bringing gifts to visit the Christ child (Matthew 2:1-12), revealing Jesus to the world as Lord and King. The original celebration day of the Advent Christmas Epiphany season was Epiphany. This was a celebration of the revelation of God’s light and power in Christ (Luke 2:32 & John 1:1- 2:11).

Jesus is the light of the world!

Thank God for revealing himself to us in Jesus! The wise men followed the star to find the baby Jesus. The disciples learned to follow Jesus. We are called to do likewise and must answer the question, What does it mean to follow Jesus? Make time for Jesus and let God fill your life with his holy light so that his light can shine through you into the world! Our world needs to experience more and more of God’s love. Our world needs to experience the light of Jesus in its darkness.

Chalking the Door ~ An Epiphany Blessing

Chalking the DoorOn Epiphany Day, January 6, start a new family tradition called Chalking the Door. Chalking the Door is a way to celebrate the season of Epiphany and God’s blessing of our lives and home. Chalking the door is a blessing with a short liturgy for marking our homes, usually at the front or main entrance, with sacred signs and symbols as we ask God’s blessing upon those who live, work, or visit throughout the coming year.

The numbers at the beginning and end of the inscription written on the door frame refer to the current year. The picture above was taken at my house in 2015. The letters C M B come from the traditional names for the three kings: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. Some also suggest “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” which means, “May Christ bless this dwelling!”

According to UMC Discipleship Ministries, “We use chalk in this service as an ordinary substance put to holy use. Further, chalk will not permanently mar the dwelling. As its image fades from view over time, those who participated in its original placement will remember it and the purpose for which it was intended. In doing so, they may rededicate themselves to that purpose. After a year passes and a new Epiphany arrives, they will have the opportunity once again to celebrate the themes of this season and once again to seek God’s blessing on their homes and on those who come and go through the home.”

Each of these links are great resources for this family blessing: door


Epiphany is the third season of the Christian year and begins with the feast of the Epiphany on January 6 and continues until the eve of Ash Wednesday, which begins Lent. Epiphany refers to the Star of Bethlehem appearing after the birth of Jesus and to the dove, tongues of fire, and voice of God appearing at His baptism. The liturgical color for Epiphany Day is white. The color for the season of Epiphany is green to signify the growing Church and the spreading of the Gospel. The symbol of the season after Epiphany is the baptismal font, signifying the baptism of new believers in the Gospel.

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