Faith UMC 2015 Mission and Vision Devotions – August 2015

August 2015

This Is What Anointing Looks Like

Scriptures, Reflections, & Prayers for Faith UMC’s Mission & Vision

“Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed one; God answers his anointed one from his heavenly sanctuary, answering with mighty acts of salvation achieved by his strong hand.” Psalm 20:6, CEB

Many years ago a brand new school was being built in our neighborhood. My family lived at the top of the hill and I could watch the school being built brick by brick. I was excited to attend this brand new school and the best part was I could now walk to school.

On the first day of school the neighborhood children happily gathered and streamed down the hill to the new school. When we got to the intersection to cross the street no provisions had been made to assist the children to safely get to the other side. Traffic did not stop for the walkers.

oil_11349cp (1)My Dad became the self  appointed  crossing guard. He did not have a shiny  vest ,  stop sign or a crossing gate but had loving concern, big hands and a yardstick. Everyday he walked down to the intersection held up his hand to stop the cars, extended that yardstick and helped the children safely cross the street.

I often encounter crossing guards in my travels, attired in their shiny vests protecting the children as they cross the road. I usually smile, wave and sometimes give them the thumbs up. I think of my Dad and how he protected me and helped me safely get to the other side. This is how our Heavenly Father travels with us. He sees the danger, fear, and uncertainties in our lives and protects us. God holds us and helps up to get through our perils and safely continue our journey toward Him.  God saves us by His strong mighty hand.

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your steadfast presence and those people in our lives that journey with us on the road to the Kingdom. Help us to trust in you when we face crossroads in our lives. Help us to remember that you hear the prayers of your anointed children and and save us by your strong hand. Amen.

Cheryl Froelich, Faith Kitchen Coordinator

August’s Prayer Focus: Teaching Lord, we pray for the teachers, students and schools in our community.

August’s Prayer Focus: Teaching Lord, we pray for the teachers, students and schools in our community.

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