Faith UMC 2015 Mission and Vision Devotions – July 2015

July 2015

This Is What Anointing Looks Like

Scriptures, Reflections, & Prayers for Faith UMC’s Mission & Vision

Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the presences of his brothers; and the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward.” – 1 Samuel 16:13 NRV

 As a youth within this amazing church body, I couldn’t help but relate myself to this scripture. David, the youngest of all his brothers was called by God and anointed to do His will. Neither Samuel, nor any of David’s brothers assumed David was the one God was calling for.

As of about two years ago, I started to become very active within our church community. Beforehand, I felt since I was just a youth, I couldn’t make any significant impact in the church. My only involvement was attendance most Sunday mornings and some youth-based participation. Then, I began to feel God calling me to do more; to make a difference.

oil_11349cp (1)I spent time in prayer, asking God how He wanted to use me. It was through that spiritual connection with God that I answered my call- to anoint others after personally being anointed. I had the blessing to serve as a Leader for the Wednesday Night Faith Connection’s program where I worked with younger students who were just beginning their journey of faith.

Through this experience, I had the blessing to impact many young lives and show them that the youth play an important role in the foundation of our church body. God calls each of us for special purposes; it doesn’t matter our age, our race, our walk of faith, etc. God will anoint us and use us in ways we never even dreamed of.

The spirit of the Lord is now and forever upon us.

Prayer: Lord, Teach me to love unselfishly, teach me to share without counting costs. Teach me to adore You without restraint, giving my all and to follow Your will. Let me see You in every person I meet. Just let me see the beauty of life every day, appreciating the sunrise or a bit of the rain, knowing that in all these You are always there.

Before there was anything, you molded us and breathed life into us. You called us by name and anointed us with a purpose. Allow us to fulfill our purpose and to anoint our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is in your name we prayer, Amen.

AJ Brokaw, Youth High School Graduate, Wednesday Night Faith Connections Leader

July’s Prayer Focus: O Lord, use us through Camp Read-a-Lot to anoint children and youth with your loving care.

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Spiritual Formation Director at Faith United Methodist Church in North Canton, Ohio
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1 Response to Faith UMC 2015 Mission and Vision Devotions – July 2015

  1. Sandy Vaughn says:

    Awesome testimony. Thanks AJ

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