Love Is On The Way – Christmas Day 2014


Scripture: ISAIAH 11:1-5, ISAIAH 59: 20-21, LUKE 1: 68-75

cmasday_10880c (3)Each of us has special days in our life that we look forward to with great anticipation and Christmas is one of them. This was a day, the birth of the promised one, that the people of Israel had long awaited but they were not aware that it was about to happen. When that moment came God chose the way that it would come about and this would allow Him to do it His way and let His love show through to the people. It would also let Him fulfill the promise made to the prophet Isaiah and have a long profound, lasting impact on the people and the world for years to come. He would do it by teaching and leading others on how love would change their life and how they could also impact the lives of others by reaching into their hearts and souls. This was done each day by being a living example to all that He touched and witnessed too. He was able to show everyone that God’s love was on the way and it was there for the taking if they would only accept Him as part of how they lived their lives. If we are true servants of the Lord then others will see God working in our daily activities and that He loves us and wants each of us to have this love every day. It also allows us to understand that God’s gift of Christmas is not a one day thing but that it is forever. I would challenge each of us to experience the joy of Christmas every day with an act of kindness to others and they too can know the love, warmth and joy of our Lord.

By Butch Ransom

PRAYER: Heavenly Father we thank you for the gift of your Son and your love that He brought to us. May we share this gift with others as our way of honoring You and Him. AMEN

Advent Wreath Litany for Christmas Eve or Day

Voice 1: We have prepared our homes.

Voice 2: We have prepared our hearts.

Voice 3: We have watched and we have waited.

Voice 1: We have looked east…

Voice 2: Your star has risen in the east.

Voice 3: We have looked east…

Voice 1: And you have come.

Voice 2: You have come to be right where we are.

(Light 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white candle.)

Voice 1: Look, the light is lit.

Voice 2: Look, Jesus, the Bird, is coming.

Voice 3: Please join in singing to invite and welcome him in.

Birds, though you long have ceased to build, guard the nest that must be filled. Even the hour when wings are frozen  He for fledging time has chosen. People, look East and sing today: Love, the Bird, is on the way.


People, Look East” by Eleanor Farjeon
The United Methodist Hymnal, No. 202




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