The Story: Jesus, The Son Of God


He asked them, “And what about you? Who do you say that I am?” 

Peter answered, “The Christ sent from God.” – Luke 9:20



This Week’s Scripture References: Matthew 17; 21; Mark 8-12; 14; Luke 9;22, John 7-8; 11-12 Who do you say I am? Imagine Jesus asking you that question. How would you respond?

Teacher, Healer, Counselor, Messiah, Deliverer, Immanuel, King of Kings

Jesus spent a lot of time traveling with his disciples teaching them who he was and what would happen to him. In The Story this week we encounter Jesus as he weeps at the death of his friend, Lazarus. Jesus amazes everyone when he raises Lazarus from death. Can you imagine being one of those present to witness such amazement? By the touch of his hand or by the words from his lips the blind are healed, the deaf can hear and the lame can walk. Jesus healed to help others understand who he was.

How do these stories help you to understand Jesus?

Jesus also teaches that to understand his kingdom one must have faith like a child. Jesus teaches that the greatest commandments are to love God and others. Jesus love and compassion for others may have been his greatest power.

What does this reveal about Jesus?

Spend some time exploring the stories of Jesus from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Who do you say Jesus is?


To listen to this week’s sermon,  Jesus, The Son of God, Sermon 4/6 in “Walk” The Story Mini-Series, click here! 

For Family Devotions related to this week’s message, click here!

For more information and additional resources for The Story at Faith UMC, click here!



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