Lent Devotions 2014: Walking With Christ

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Faith UMC Lenten Devotions March 16, 2014

Walking With Christ

Written by Faith UMC’s 4th Day Emmaus Ministry Group

Scripture: Luke 24:13-38, “…Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him…Did not our hearts burn…”

Reflection: The Walk to Emmaus is a faith journey for all who want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Emmaus is a three-day experience with the risen Christ, followed by a lifetime of Christian discipleship.  Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation designed to deepen the faith of each participant.  Emmaus is designed to build better church leaders.  Emmaus is designed to help each of us become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

How is God calling you to be the hands and feet of Christ?

Worship, learning, teaching, having fun, music, fellowship, friendships are all part of a Walk to Emmaus weekend. Emmaus is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed through other believers. “Seeing Christ, Being Christ” could be one way to describe the disciples we become through experiences like  Emmaus. Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived and shared with others. It all starts with a weekend, but continues throughout our lives. Christ is all over the world.  There are local churches and Emmaus communities all over the world.  What a great combination to build God’s church everywhere.

How is Jesus calling you to share his love and grace?

Listed below are some of the ways Faith UMC’s Emmaus participants describe Emmaus:


In what ways do you need to experience Agape, Amazing Love, Extravagant Grace, Community Spirit and Unconditional Love?

How is God calling you to grow in your relationship with Christ this Lent?

Prayer:  Dear Lord,  please continue to use us as your disciples in all that we do.  We are your children and desire a deeper relationship with you.  Thank you for being the center of our lives.  Thank you for your unconditional love – love that we can share with others everywhere we go. Amen.

This Week’s Lenten Scripture Readings: Luke 24:13-38, Genesis: 3:8-13, 19, Isaiah 9:2, 6-7, Micah 5:2-5a, Luke 2:1-20, John 1:1-5, 16-18 , 1 John 1:1-10

Prayer Focus:  Pray for our church leaders and those whom God is preparing for leadership. Pray for those who don’t yet know the love of Christ. Pray for God to show you how you can share the love of Christ with your family, friends, co-workers, and those you come in contact with each day!

Family Connection:  Make a Mosaic Cross

As a family talk about what it means to walk with Jesus. How are we called to model our lives after Jesus? What helps us to grow closer to Jesus? Cut out a large cardboard cross and many squares of colored paper. During Lent, whenever a family member makes a sacrifice, does something for others, shows love to someone, etc glue a square to the cross. Try to cover the cross by Easter.

Faith’s Christian Education & Spiritual Formation ministry team will provide a weekly devotion written by some of Faith’s ministry teams to guide us in reflecting how we are Seeing Christ and Being Christ as we walk with Jesus during the season of Lent.

Additional resources for Lent for individuals and for families are available in the literature racks in the Gathering area and outside the Family Life Center as well as in Faith’s Library & Media Center and on our website: http://faithum.weebly.com/lent.html


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