Experiencing Overflowing Joy In God’s Story, In Our Story: What Does The Nativity Mean For Us Today

What does the nativity mean for us today?

How can rediscovering Christmas change our lives & our world?

The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to celebrate the wondrous moment when God entered our world to make things right. It is a season of worship. Every year we hear the Christmas story, but do we really get it? What does our response to the story of Jesus’ birth say about our hearts? Christmas changed the world the day Jesus was born in a cold, dark stable. Christmas will change the world again.  Do you really believe this?

Every character who encounters the infant King in the nativity story has the same response.

They worship. Examine the characters in the Christmas story & look at their response to Jesus coming. How do they worship Jesus? How does what you learn about their response to the news of our Savior’s birth move you to respond to the greatest gift God has ever given you?

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 1:26-56, Luke 2:1-20

Wise men:

Think about your actions & activities. Is Jesus truly the desire of your heart? What do you worship? Where does your worship drive your heart? What message does your worship send to those around you? Is your worship an outpouring of your heart? What changes do you need to make this Christmas season?

DOC112213-11222013145849-0001Will you celebrate, sing, dance, pray, meditate, & love your way into the Advent story & experience the story that is of great joy for all people? Will you be like Mary & sing to God, like Joseph & obey without regard to cost, like the shepherds and drop everything to worship Jesus, or like the wise men and face anything that stands in the way of your worship?

Will you be so filled with the love of Christ that you will stop at nothing to share Jesus’ message of love & hope with others? Do you take Jesus seriously & desire the same things that move His heart?  Do you give like God has given to you?

This Christmas season remember there are those who are shopping for more than just material gifts. We live in a world full of people looking for hope, acceptance and love.  How is God calling you to move into the Christmas story & be Jesus to them?  What will you do to reclaim Christmas?

For further exploration read The Advent Conspiracy by Rick McKinley, Chris Seay, & Greg Holder, Christmas Is Not Your Birthday  and A Different Kind of Christmas by Mike Slaughter, visit http://www.rethinkchurch.org

Click this link for additional resources and ways to experience Advent at Faith UMC:  http://faithum.weebly.com/advent.html



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