Experiencing Overflowing Joy In God’s Story, In Our Story: Advent Experiences

DOC112213-11222013145946-0001The following are some activities excerpted from Faith UMC’s 2013 Advent book. Try including some of these experiences into your Advent routine.




Take a walk outside – either in a park or in neighborhood.  Look around at God’s handiwork in nature.  Is it cold or warm?  Is the sun shining?  Notice things around you.  Do you see anyone else out walking?  A cheerful greeting, a handshake, a hug, a smile – these are ways God would like us to greet others that we see – wherever we are.

As Mary and Joseph walked to Bethlehem, what do you think they saw as they looked around?

An  indoor Advent Prayer Walk, Walking Towards Bethlehem is available at Faith UMC.  Come walk the hallway through the Gathering Area, Gallery Hall, and Library Hall and prayerfully reflect on Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem anticipating the birth of Christ.  How many laps will it take to walk this 70 mile journey at Faith UMC during Advent?  How might reflecting on this walk help you to experience the coming of Christ this Advent?


Write down some of your thoughts about Christmas.  Then see how creative you can be by making a poem out of your thoughts.  Poems can be short or long.  They don’t have to rhyme.  They can be funny or serious or thoughtful or silly.  It is your choice.

You can write your poem as a family or as individuals.  Have fun.  Be creative.  Let your thoughts go wherever they will.  Keep your poem with your Advent materials.  You will be asked to do something with it later in Advent.

      An example of a poem: 

Christmas is about giving –
Presents and our time.
Giving can cost dollars
Or not even a dime. 


Take turns singing your favorite Christmas carol or Christmas song.  Invite everyone to join in the singing.  Or play your carol or song on an instrument of your choice – piano, guitar, kazoo, drum, harmonica, string instrument, band instrument (these are a few that come to mind).  Have fun and make a joyful noise to our Lord and King.

Gather some friends and your family and Christmas carol through your neighborhood or a nearby nursing home.  Join us at Faith UMC on Wednesday, December 18 at we Christmas carol through the church neighborhood as an act of grace to our community!

Click this link for additional resources and ways to experience Advent at Faith UMC:  http://faithum.weebly.com/advent.html


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