Experiencing Overflowing Joy In God’s Story, In Our Story: 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Family Activity

This is a fun, family activity that helps your family to focus on a spirit of giving and serving others while reaching out with an act of grace to someone in need of joy and love at Christmas.

DOC112213-11222013145933-0001As a family, prayerfully consider whom you know that you would like to surprise with little gifts or acts of service to brighten their lives during the season of Advent.  Maybe there is a family in your neighborhood that is facing some challenges, or a widow in your church family who may be alone during the holidays.  Perhaps you have a relative you rarely get to visit or know someone serving in the military.

The point is not to spend money on gifts, but to focus on being creative as you reach out to surprise and serve someone else.  For 12 days surprise this person by either leaving gifts on their doorstep or sending a surprise in the mail. You may want to begin with one item the first day and ending with 12 on the last day.  As a family, plan the surprises you will give.  Involve children in making the items.  Some suggestions include a plate of cookies, a card, a drawing, an ornament, a CD, or an act of service such as shoveling the sidewalk or brushing snow off of vehicles.  You may also want to include a note with clues about what could be expected to happen next.  Leave a Bible verse and some encouraging words along with your gifts. Whatever gifts you choose to leave, make it fun as you find ways to surprise the person and keep your identity a secret.  Make praying for this person a part of the experience as well.

May your family enjoy the blessings that come from giving of yourselves to bring joy to someone else during the Christmas season!

“God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7b

Click this link for additional resources and ways to experience Advent at Faith UMC:  http://faithum.weebly.com/advent.html


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