Experiencing Overflowing Joy In God’s Story, In Our Story: Creating Space For Worship In Advent

Creating space for worship in our homes is a helpful and meaningful way to make room in our hearts and lives for Christ during the season of Advent.


photo (35)God loves it when we set aside a place to meet Him.  You can create a special space in your home to build an “altar” to be your focus for this Advent season.  When you read the devotion, do the activity, talk about Advent and Christmas; let the altar be the focal point to keep you centered on the task at hand. 

You need a clear glass that can be any shape or size and a candle or a light.  Find some small stones or some marbles.  Place the stones or marbles in the bottom of the glass – use as many as you would like.  Place the light or candle on top of the stones or marbles.  Keep this centerpiece on a table away from other “busy” places in your home.  Light the candle each time you use this Advent Book or other devotional during the Advent season.  This will keep you focused on God as you celebrate the coming of His Son.

Advent wreath with one rose candle and three p...

Advent wreath with one rose candle and three purple candles, all lit Español: Corona de Adviento con velas siguiendo los colores litúrgicos Nederlands: Adventskrans met een roze kaars voor de Gaudete Türkçe: Advent çelenki Русский: Венок Адвента (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can also use an Advent wreath.  The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes God’s never-ending love.  The greens on the wreath symbolize life.  An Advent wreath contains four candles representing the four Sundays leading to Christmas.  The colors of the candles are usually purple or blue. Sometimes a pink candle is used on the 3rd week to represent joy.  A white candle is often placed in the center of the wreath to symbolize Jesus. Meditations and scripture readings help to make the lighting of the Advent candles a meaningful experience and time for reflection as we are waiting and watching for Christ during the season of Advent.  Click the links below for some suggestions for Advent Wreath Meditations and Home Worship:




Click this link for additional resources and ways to experience Advent at Faith UMC: http://faithum.weebly.com/advent.html


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