The Story: The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

We believe…
in one true God
We believe…
in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
who is our ever-present help in need.
It is in the power of this God, Three in One
that all is made and done.
Let us, with all creation,
sing and shout our praise to this God.
For, we believe.
Adapted from United Methodist Hymnal, No. 85, “We Believe in One True God”
This week’s scripture reference:  Genesis 1-9

Every story has a beginning, a beginning which helps to shape the rest of the story.  Take some time this week to consider your story.  What beginnings do you have? What is the story of your birth? Your baptism? What joy-filled memories are part of your story? What painful or challenging memories grace your story?

How do your beginnings shape your beliefs?

A beginning is described as the point of time or space at which anything originates.  The story of Genesis is a beginning for all of us. In the first nine chapters of Genesis we are introduced to the power, creativity, joy, compassion and love of God and experience the strength and weakness of human beings.  It’s a story we can all identify with on many levels.  

As you reflect on this week’s scripture readings from Genesis you will encounter the story of Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah.  As you read consider the words in this week’s creed adapted from the hymn, ‘We Believe in One True God’.  In what ways do you experience God’s presence, help, and hope? In what ways do you experience the power of God in all that is made and done? In what ways do these stories shape your beliefs about God, Three in One?

How is God traveling with you on your journey?

Whatever your story or your beginning, know that there is hope.  God is with you and will not forget you. As you reflect on the beginnings of your story this week, consider how God has been with you on your journey.  How has God been your ever-present help?  If you struggle to answer that question, know that that is okay.  As the story unfolds in the weeks to come, we will explore the great lengths God goes to to bring us back into a loving relationship with God.  May you encounter God’s power, love, and grace in new, fresh ways and find your story in this story.

English: Full featured double rainbow in Wrang...

English: Full featured double rainbow in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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