True Identity

Faith is a journey. One might describe the journey of faith as the discovery of who we are in Christ! “True Identity” is a poem written by my daughter describing her faith journey.  It is with great joy that I share her story in this week’s Faith Formation Blog!  May you experience God’s love and grace in fresh new ways as you continue on your journey into faith and discover your true identity in Christ!
Blessings, Kathy Schmucker, Faith UMC’s Director of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation
hands_6380c4_web“My name is Kaitlyn Schmucker and I am currently a sophomore at Walsh University.  I felt that the Lord was strongly leading me to write this poem about my life.  He has blessed me and truly changed me in ways I can’t even describe.  I want to spread the word of his love and grace and I know he is calling me to do that by sharing my story.  I hope you can all take something from this poem.  No matter what you’re walking through, Jesus is always there and he can change your life tremendously.  God bless!” – Kaitlyn
“True Identity”  
by Kaitlyn Schmucker
Living in our world today,
One can so easily be led astray.
While growing up I started feeling things I couldn’t convey,
It seemed as if I was starting to lose my way.
I always felt a connection to the light,
But couldn’t seem to get life right.
Self-conscious and insecure,
I found myself lost and so unsure.
Life was starting to get tough,
I thought being me just wasn’t enough.
The need for approval took a toll on my heart,
I was afraid of rejection and being set apart.
I fell into the trap of what society believed,
They have the wrong idea about how true beauty should be perceived.
My heart cried out but I just couldn’t see,
That what I truly needed was right in front of me.
I hid myself from others, afraid of letting my true self out,
I thought my peers would judge me if they saw what I was really about.
Instead I looked to things that would never fill my pain,
Worldly things that would not remain.
I was full of fear and hesitation,
Constantly falling into temptation.
Broken and worn with nowhere else to turn,
I knew something was missing but I still hadn’t learned.
What I was going through had me completely ashamed,
I just didn’t understand that with the Lord I could be claimed.
My life was taken over by sadness and despair,
I knew there was only one solution and that was prayer.
I prayed to God and he took control,
I lost my life but gained my soul.
I realized true identity was found in the Lord,
He wrapped his arms around me and I felt restored.
My worth is found in Christ alone,
I’m no longer afraid of the unknown.
God truly helped me come alive,
Only through his grace did I survive.
He changed me from the inside-out,
I’ll never be the same, I haven’t a doubt.
All the darkness was wiped away,
Now all I see is happy days.
For awhile the world had me enslaved,
But God showed me truth and I was saved.
I know he’ll never let me go,
My faith will continue to grow and grow.
In Christ Jesus I am found,
His everlasting love is my solid ground.
Now as you can see, I’ve been set free,
No I’m not who I used to be. 

What is your story?  How would you describe your faith journey?  Who are you in Christ? Click ‘leave a comment’ to share your story!


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2 Responses to True Identity

  1. L. Stiffler says:

    What a fine young woman you are, Kaitlyn! You are a wonderful example of a child of God and a role model to others. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with us through your heartfelt poem.

  2. jhockran says:

    Reblogged this on GodLovesYouLoveGod and commented:
    What a great testimonial! Blessings as you hear the message of the Gospel!

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