Sharing Our Stories On The Journey Of Faith – Day 29

“Jesus Wept.” – John 11:35

Are you familiar with the Bible verse:  Jesus wept?  Do you know why he did?

If you had Bible verse study and contests as a child in Sunday School or Junior Church, you probably are familiar with the verse.  It is the shortest verse in the bible and as kids we all tried to be first to list it.  Otherwise we might have had to learn a longer one.

But until now I could not have told you where it was in the Bible or why he wept.

So, turn to the gospel of John and the 11th chapter – the death of Lazarus.  No doubt you have heard of Lazarus, his death and Jesus returning him to life.  Verse 35 says:  Jesus wept.  This was after Mary had told Him if He had been there He could have saved Lazarus.

As Christians we must wonder at times if Jesus is weeping over all the warring and troubles that are going on in His world.  One religious sect against another.  Nation against nation.  And in the recent elections, Americans attacking Americans, not really running for office, just viciously bad-mouthing their opponents.

There is much for Him to weep over.  There is much for us (all of us on Earth) to tackle and resolve.  WHEN and HOW are waiting but MUST is a necessity.  Otherwise the weeping will go on.

Father help us find the answers to peace among men and among nations.  Amen.

Paul Miller

Jesus - God's gift of love to the world!

Jesus – God’s gift of love to the world!



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